1. We are offering the following races

    • 100 Mile

    • 150 Mile

    • 200 Mile

    • 250 Mile

    • 350 Mile

    • Average Speed

  2. Optional:

    • 150 Mile SPRINT

    • 450 Mile

    • Super Average Speed

  3. Accepting birds from January 20 to May 12.

  4. All replacement birds are accepted before May 31.

  5. Maximum capacity of 2,000 birds.

  6. The Perch fee is $100 or 6 birds for $500.

  7. The Perch Fee is non-refundable.

  8. Birds will be vaccinated for PMV and POX.

  9. The activation fee is $300 due after the 120 Mile Activation Race.

  10. The $300 activation fee includes 200 Mile, 250 Mile, 350 Mile and Average Speed.

  11. Optional Super Average Speed activation fee is $100.

  12. The entry fee will be refunded if the bird is lost before the 150 Mile Race.

  13. All birds that return from the 120 Mile Activation Race must be activated within ten days.

  14. Non-activated birds will be auctioned.

  15. The Final Race prizes will be awarded by first drop, then clocking order.

  16. All races will remain open for 48 hours.

  17. At the final race, if no birds are home by the end of this period, all prize funds will be refunded minus 15%.

  18. On the day of the 350 Mile final race, if there is a strong tailwind along the course, the loft manager will have the option to increase the distance by 50 miles.

  19. Race dates are subject to change due to weather conditions and the condition of the birds.

  20. Breeders retain ownership of their birds after the last race.

  21. All birds will be returned to the owners, at owners’ expenses.

  22. 20% will be held for expenses.

  23. Birds not claimed within 10 days after the last race will become the property of Naples Pigeon Derby.

  24. No pooling or gambling of any type before or during the races, all participants are competing for the capital prize only.

  25. Race participants must be 21 years or older to enter the race and are responsible for all applicable taxes.

  26. W-9 forms will need to be completed for winnings of $600 or more.